What’s Foodies Asia?


Foodie is a relatively new slang that was born in the 1980s and originally meant something like “a person who loves to eat and enjoys it”.

Recently, it has often been translated as “foodie” and is often confused with food snob, but what makes it definitively different is that hoodies are people who explore delicious and necessary food with a strong curiosity, regardless of luxury or evaluation.

There may be people who pursue B-grade gourmet food, and there may also be those who have a strong sense of challenge and boldly try getemons.

There may also be people who think about health and the environment in terms of food.

Moreover, there may be those who think that their way of eating can change society for better or for worse.

The motivation for launching this media is that it would be nice to give some stimulation to such people. I would be happy if you could feel “something” starting from food that is unique to you.


Regarding restaurants to be posted

The publisher lists the restaurans that they visited as a regular customer and want to introduce based on their own experiences.

In a nutshell, the criterion is originality. Whether there is something that can only be felt at that shop, such as the meal, service, atmosphere, etc. This is what is most valued.

While making an effort to maintain fairness as much as possible, it is a media that is currently run by one person, so please understand that there may be differences in evaluations and opinions inherent in the text.

Also, restaurants are “perishable goods,” so menus may vary depending on the season visited and can even change dramatically within a year (for better or for worse). Please also note that there may be changes in information depending on the time of year.


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Regarding requests for tie-ups, etc.

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